Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crazy Life

Oh my heck I cannot seem to keep up with everything. Things have been really crazy so I have not been up on blogging lately. We have been out of town recently and are leaving again soon. We never travel and somehow we landed two trips in one month. So it's been busy but good. Abby is loving second grade and is doing really well. She reads like a pro and is having fun trying to trick Mom and Dad with all the really big words she can read. They had 70's day at school last week and so we made her up as a little hippie and she had a blast. Aiden and Ella are loving preschool and can't wait to tell me everyday what new things they have learned. They are really into the playing with friends stage right now but things have been so busy it has been hard to find time. Abby and Ella are doing tumbling one day a week and Aiden has started karate. Abby is also taking piano lessons. So between Piano, tumbling, karate, preschool, cub scouts, pta, work, Kelly's school, vacations, and life things have been crazy to say the least!