Thursday, March 18, 2010

Aiden the Karate Kid

Aiden had started doing karate back in September as his sports activity and he absolutely loves it. He has gotten so good he already has 5 stripes on his white belt and is working hard on earning his yellow belt. He can be such a shy little boy sometimes but when he is doing Karate it really builds his confidence and he comes out of his shell. In February he had his first karate tournament and did awesome. He took first place in 3 events and 2nd place in 2 events. We could not have been prouder. He is just too cute to take in his little karate gi and practicing his stances. We sure love him and are so happy to watch our little buddy do what he loves.

Finally A New Update!

Okay so I have been getting a lot of slack for getting behind on postings so here I go trying to catch up a little. In January Abby was out of school for 4 weeks and we were starting to get a little bored. So we decided to be tourists in Utah for a week. We went to the Monte Bean Museum at BYU, toured Sweets Candy Factory, visited Krispy Kreme Donuts, visited the Utah museum of natural history, the aquarium, and the church history museum. Needless to say it didn't just cure our boredom it just wore us out. It is amazing that you can live in a state for you entire life and have never visited some places! We are hoping when Abby goes off track again in the spring that we can find some more places and continue of Utah Vacation!