Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas and New Years!

What a great Holiday season! First off it was great because Jen's brother James and his wife Bethany and their little girl Sophia were able to come to Utah for Christmas. We hadn't seen them in a couple of months and Sophia has changed so much so it was really fun to spend time with them. We spent Christmas Eve at the annual Tippets Family party and got a chance to catch up with the family which is always fun! Then Christmas day we hung out at the house until the afternoon and then went to Uncle Cody and Aunt Lisa's for the Johnson family Christmas dinner and presents. The kids had a blast and uncle Luke deep fried a turkey that was fabulous. Then the day after Christmas we went to Jen's dads house for her family's Christmas get together! For the last couple of years we have spent the night over their so the cousins can hang out together and it is always a lot of fun - until Kelly, Jen and Aiden woke up in the middle of the night with the stomach flu! The next 3 days after that were spent trying to get better! I think pretty much everyone in both Kelly's family and Jen's family ended up sick at one time or another that week.

For New Years we had planned on spending it with friends but a last minute funeral for an extended relative created a scheduling problem so we just spent it at home as a family playing games and having fun snacks!

Aside from the whole getting sick situation it really was a great holiday season - but we are glad we don't have to do it again until next year!