Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dr. Seuss Day At School

Anyone that is close to our family knows that my kids LOVE Dr. Seuss! And Dr. Seuss's birthday is always a fun week at our house. The school had green eggs and ham for lunch which Abby thought was great and then the kids were able to dress up as Dr. Seuss characters on Friday. Ella and Abby wanted to be Cindy Lou Who and Aiden wanted to be The Cat In The Hat. It took us and extra 30 minutes to get ready for school - the hair alone was a major production, but they had a great time. We also read every Dr. Seuss book we own, which is about 20! My kid definetly hit their reading time. I love finding fun stuff to do with the kids that can be educational too!

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Janzen said...

you guys are so much fun.