Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nana's Birthday

My Mom's birthday was last weekend and we had decided we needed to celebrate it to remember her. The younger kids have very little memories of their Nana and the older kids will start to forget if we don't help them remember. Jori and I along with sister Shanae took most of the grandkids to the graveyard for the afternoon (Sophia couldn't be there since they live in Colorado.) The headstone was starting to look dirty and unkept so we scrubbed the stone, polished it, and edged the grass around it and then we decorated the grave. The kids had fun using the scrub brushes and then running around the grass at the graveyard. We added the American Flags for our Brother James who couldn't be there since he is serving our country in Afghanastan. Anyway we had a really nice afternoon and finished it with a lunch at Mcdonalds for the kids - a place Nana had gone to many times just to be with us and the grandkids - one time she even climbed to the top of the play place to save a stranded grandchild. I was a nice way to remember my Mom and keep her as part of our lives. I miss you a lot Mom!


Lisa and Cody said...

What a fabulous way to remember your mom! I love it! You all are such a wonderful family!!!

Windy said...

I love this it got me choked up a little! What a cute family! I love you all!